Friday, December 5, 2014


It's finish! I like my little display. Here are pictures of the finished project.

I made the labels for the featured goblets. For some reason, Gingerbread Spice has been my #1 go to tea so far this season. I also tried a new seasonal flavor by Celestial Seasoning Teas. It's called Cranberry-Vanilla Wonderland. I really like it! Although the Cranberry isn't as strong like I thought it would be, it's still a nice blend. Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride and Candy Cane Land are good as well.

 I attached them onto the goblets and then FILLED THEM UP!! LOL

 Here's how the top feature shelf looks!

Then I finished the cardboard boxes that I sprayed painted aqua blue and wrapped a glittery silver ribbon around it.

Now, here it is!!

I found these syrups at Bullington Coat Factory. They are called Skinny Syrups. I love how I labeled the box. LOL It says COFFEE SYRUPS!? It can be used for tea drinkers too. LOL

 The top shelf

 The second shelf

The third shelf

The bottom shelf

I love looking over at the corner of our kitchen to see this display. It's my little section of being free to express my creative side. I look forward to expressing myself a lot more in our new home. Until then, I'm thankful.

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