Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall Is Here!!

As I've been looking at my tea section in the kitchen for quite some time now, I've been thinking that it was time for a new look. Since fall was around the corner, I thought to give it a fall season look. I'm so thankful for a sweet hubby who allowed me to be able to change it around. My mother has been in the hospital for awhile. As I've been waiting to hear about her progress, I was able to redecorate the tea section.

Here's how it looked at first.

The Old Tea Section

I bought four candles holders and four vases from Dollar Tree. I spray painted the candles orange and then glued the vases onto the candle holders first.

Once that was done, I put an orange & gold bow on them. Then I glued black circles with the seasonal flavors on each of them.

I found containers to hold my main ingredients and my favorite tea flavors at Dollar General. I spray painted the tops orange, added some flowers on top, painted the front of them black, and then wrote the items' name on it.

My most PROUDEST piece on the tea area is the FALL SIGN!! I love it whenever the Lord enhances my creative skills. We had some extra pieces of wooden blocks laying around the house. I had the idea to glue three of them together, paint, then write something about the season on it, and then decorate it with flowers or something. I LOVE how it turned out. My hubby was even going to let me use a DRILL!! Woo-hoo!! LOL But, I wound up only needing to use a screwdriver. LOL

My sweet Hubby!!

I wanted to change the containers as well. I just covered the tops with some left over fabric that I used for the chairs, added some flowers and orange yarn, then added the black circles with the name of the tea on it. It was hard to do by myself, so I had my daughter Kayla's help. She did a great job working with me.

My sweet Kayla!!

I wanted to add a bit of orange some where on the table top of the tea section, so I spray painted the shelf paper orange, traced the Lazy Susan, cut, and put the shelf paper onto the Lazy Susan adding flowers in front of it as well.

The last things I did were the boxes underneath. I pretty much just took the old labels off and added some of the spray painted shelving paper and bows to them. I used the box that our new printer was in to hold our craft supplies. Unfortunately, I didn't realize how HUGE it would look underneath there. Oh, well! LOL

I love using our white tea pot. I feel like my time with guests will be so elegant and special!! I knew I didn't want to do anything permanent to it. So, I tied a pretty flower to the top!!

So, this is what keep me busy as I waited and prayed for my mother's health. I'm thankful that she's doing well. The Lord graciously used doing this project to keep my mind at peace. Here's the finish tea section!!

The New Tea Section

Wait until you see my tea section idea for the winter season!!

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  1. That is quite fantastic! I look forward to winter :D