Saturday, November 8, 2014

Morning Tea Drinks

I'm slowly trying to pull away from always drinking my tea with creamer in it. I confess, I LOVE cream in my tea. But...the creamers haven't been good to my body. Meaning, it's probably been the cause of some weight gain. Boo!

So, I posted on Facebook some suggestions as to how I can still have that creamy taste without all of the added calories. I think I've found a winner. I'll share in a later post.

I've also begun drinking cold tea in place of orange juice or some other type of cold beverage. So far, it's been really great. It feels like a nice replacement for high sugared orange juice. Here's a recipe that I found on this website. It's supposed to be an "Energy Drink". I confess, I don't feel a difference. But, I love the taste. Try it out if you're looking for a nice orange juice replacement.

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